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What’s Happening at Each Venue

33 George Street, Old Town, Hastings, TN34 3EA Tel | (01424) 439156 http://www.albionhastings.com/

Tuesday May 2,  20:30 Irish music session

An open session of Irish music and song led by experienced players. Players with a strong repertoire of Irish music are welcome to join in; all are welcome to listen.

Wednesday May 3,  14:00 English traditional music

An informal session playing mainly English tunes on acoustic instruments. Anyone is welcome to start tunes or just follow. The occasional song would also be welcome. Join in or listen.

Wednesday May 3,  20:30 Los Twangueros

Featuring Andy Neate on guitar and lapsteel; Nana Tsiboe, percussion; Jimmy Gulliver, drums and cajon; Matt Juckes keyboards and flute; Colin Gibson, bass; George Macdonald, congas. Their shows create a lovely soundscape of musical styles from all over the world, music to dance and loose yourself to. www.lostwangueros.com

Thursday May 4, 20:30 Pocketsize

Self penned and traditional “Old Time” American numbers. Husband and wife team Darren and Liz Overs-Pearson (joined by Richard who plays a T chest bass that he makes sound like a double bass and adds a beautiful falsetto third harmony) combine modesty with unassuming brilliance. These guys had a number 1 hit with their song “Walking” in one of the mainstream charts in the US of A! www.soundcloud.com/psize

Friday May 5, 20:30 United Stoats Of America

The Stoats take the essence of bluegrass, rockabilly & skiffle and add some rock solid drumming, transforming other people songs into something totally unique. They have appeared at some of London’s finest alt country venues. www.myspace.com/unitedstoatsofamerica

Saturday May 6, 12:30 The Hastings May Queen

Pageant and Garland www.facebook.com/hastingsmayqueen/
64-66 All Saints St Hastings, TN34 3BN 01424 465100 www.thecrownhastings.co.uk/

Thursday May 4,  19:00 Pluralbaby

Featuring ‘Notes From Underground' & ‘Bird Wandering Off’ and ‘DJ Pluralbaby’ the rarest cuts of near folk, and distant relations.
11-12 Rock-A-Nore Road Hastings TN34 3DW 01424 434326

Tuesday May 2,  21:00 Tune Raiders

A mixture of Irish and folk music; a wonderful atmosphere which certainly gets your feet tapping.

Friday May 5, 20:30 Titus

Eclectic acoustic music presented with humour. www.titusfolk.com
39a High Street Hastings TN34 3ER 01424 720393 www.electricpalacecinema.com/

Thursday 4 May: 11am Flicker and Pulse (U)

Includes Q&A with director: Brian McClave & Tom Wichelow Tickets: Silver Screen special £5 (includes free tea & coffee, plus B-Movies) – see www.electricpalacecinema.com for details. A striking and poignant portrayal of time passing in a beautiful Sussex walled garden. Using real-time and time-lapse footage, the film explores the relationship between the seasons and the plants and people who work within the walls of the garden. Locked into the clock of the solar system, the garden performs its annual display, guided by the ritualistic human intervention of those passionately engaged with its soil. The film takes the form of a contemplative visual poem with a stunning soundtrack by Wendy Rae Fowler.

Thursday 4 May, 8 pm Flicker and Pulse (U)

Includes Q&A with director: Brian McClave & Tom Wichelow Tickets: £8 (concessions: £7) – see www.electricpalacecinema.com for details; also check the special Thursday night meal and movie deal with Cafe Maroc. See this morning’s performance at (11am) for film details.

Friday 5 May, 8 pm Film – Blackbird (15)

Jamie Chambers 2013, 90mins Tickets: £8 (concessions: £7) – see www.electricpalacecinema.com for details. The film follows the efforts of a passionate young man, Ruadhan, to keep alive the traditions in his sleepy village, where the singing is scarce and the jobs are scarcer. Seeing new businesses arrive, and elderly bards and songsmiths die out or give up the ghost, Ruadhan takes it upon himself to fight back and prove that his past has a place in the future. Featuring legendary performers Norman Maclean and Sheila Stewart, Blackbird brings Scotland’s most loved folk music and storytelling heroes to the big screen.

Saturday 6 May, 8 pm Film – Burroughs

The Movie (15) Howard Brookner 1983, 90mins Tickets: £8 (concessions: £7) – see www.electricpalacecinema.com for details. With intimate, revelatory footage of the singular author and poet fi lmed over the course of five years, Brookner’s documentary about William S. Burroughs was for decades mainly the stuff of legend; that changed in 2011 when the late director’s nephew, discovered a print and spearheaded a restoration. This invigorating portrait was brought to life with the help of a remarkable crew of friends, including Jim Jarmusch and Tom DiCillo and features on-screen appearances by Allen Ginsberg, Herbert Huncke, Patti Smith, and Terry Southern.

Sunday 7 May, 3:30 pm “High in The Old Oak Tree”

with Ed Boxall, plus Tim Hoyte Tickets: £5 – see www.electricpalacecinema.com for details. Stories and songs inspired by Celtic folk tales, with Ed Boxall and Tim Hoyte. Local artist, writer and performer Ed Boxall has long been inspired by celtic myths - stories where other worlds are hidden inside hills, across the sea or in the leaves of old trees. Ed will be performing a selection of his stories, along with excerpts from the myths themselves. The show will include projections of his illustrations, spoken word, song and music. Ed will be joined by multi instrumentalist Tim Hoyte who has composed unique music with Ed to accompany the performances. A magical afternoon for adults and children 5+ years old. www.edboxall.co.uk
14-15 High Street Hastings TN34 3EY 01424 425079 http://thefilo.co.uk/

Tuesday May 2,  21:00 Equatorial Group

Sounding like Crazy Horse colliding with Fleetwood Mac on a dusty road, The Equatorial Group are five friends from the East Sussex wilds sharing their love of one-note guitar solos, stormy seas and heartache. Twe, Andy, Dave, James and Helen can produce a gentle landscape of sparkling harmonies or a thirst-inducing ramshackle racket, as the moment takes them. www.theequatorialgroup.bandcamp.com

Thursday May 4,  20:45 Titus

Titus have always been known for their light hearted approach and their between- song banter can be very entertaining. They cover songs from such diverse artists as Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and The Bonzos to 16th century ballad operas (Gammer Gurtons Needle), traditional folk songs and sea shanties, plus a number of original songs. www.titusfolk.com

69 High St Hastings TN34 3EW http://jennylindhastings.co.uk/

Wednesday May 3,  20:00 The Garry Blakeley Band

Garry Blakeley is among some of the top UK fiddle players when playing in the band Feast Of Fiddles. With his own band, Garry and his son Edd are a powerhouse of reels and jigs. Music that will cascade into waves of folky goodness. We all love these guys. www.garryblakeley.co.uk

Thursday May 4,  21:00 Shanty session

With RX Shantymen – come along and join in with shanties and chorus songs.

Friday May 5,  20:30 Stone Junction

Inspired by the Celtic/Americana/Roots cross-over exemplified by BBC 4’s Transatlantic Sessions, Stone Junction are an acoustic trio playing a powerful, eclectic mix of transatlantic, contemporary and original folk. www.stonejunctionband.co.uk

Saturday May 6, 18:00 Rik Van Den Bosch

Folk Rock music from a globetrotting Dutchman - Rik writes, sings, and plays his own songs on his acoustic guitar, drawing from a wide influence of styles: original folk and blues sounds from way back, sixties’ rock ‘n’ roll grooves, and up-to-the-minute pure rock rhythms - with a bit of gypsy and Spanish influence thrown in for good measure. Performing as a duo on this gig. www.rikvandenbosch.com

Sunday May 7, 16:00 Jason McNiff

London based Yorkshireman of Irish and Polish descent, Jason McNiff has made five records of what is loosely described as Folk or Americana, yet there is something very British about him. Time Out attests, “McNiff’s quiet, intimate, fragile-sounding vocals draw you into his world– an almost timeless place, through which he drifts, a romantic loner, a dreamer, at home with the blues.” He is often touted as one of the UK’s most overlooked musical treasures - a great songwriter and top-notch finger-style guitarist. His album, April Cruel (Fledg’ling) was nominated for best album in the alt.country category at the Independent Music Awards in the US. Performing as a three/four piece. www.jasonmcniff.com
49 Priory Rd TN34 3JJ 01424 717832

Sunday 7 May 16:30

Husband and wife, Jim and Josie Tipler list influences as diverse as Pentangle, Muse, Helen Shapiro and Billy Bragg, so they’re certainly difficult to pigeonhole! Their voices blend with a rare warmth, enhancing their mix of self-penned numbers, traditional folk songs and eclectic covers. Expect to see a small woman and a tall bloke. Expect to hear singing, guitar, clarinet, cajon and a shaker. www.reverbnation.com/miltonhide
14 Claremont TN34 1HA 1424 425 532

Thursday 4 May 19:30 The Lantern Society, Hastings Candlelit Acoustic Club

Tickets: £3 on the door In 2007 Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou established their now legendary folk club ‘The Lantern Society’ in a small room above a Dickensian pub in the City of London. Their humble wooden stage would be graced by countless players from multi-million selling recording artists to fledgling talents. Now settled in St. Leonards-on-Sea having played everywhere from The Royal Albert Hall to The Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, they’ve decided it’s time to reignite the Lantern once more. The new Hastings Club is also home to ‘The Lantern Society Radio Hour’, hosted by Trevor Moss, featuring the best performances from their much coveted stage. www.thelanternsociety.co.uk

Sunday 7 May 20:30 Traditional Irish Music hosted by Hastings Cce

Tickets: £3 on the door In 2007 Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou established their now legendary folk club ‘The Lantern Society’ in a small room above a Dickensian pub in the City of London. Their humble wooden stage would be graced by countless players from multi-million selling recording
7 Pelham Crescent Hastings TN34 3AF http://stmaryinthecastle.co.uk/

Saturday May 6, 19:30 Fairport Convention

Fairport Convention Tickets: £20.50 & £23.50 – see www.spyboy.co.uk/list for details. Fairport Convention are celebrating a big birthday for they were co-founded way back in 1967 by Simon Nicol and Ashley Hutchings. Such distinguished musicians as Sandy Denny, Richard Thompson, Dave Mattacks, Iain Matthews and Dave Swarbrick have all done their bit over the years with the band, which is now in the safe hands of Simon Nicol, Dave Pegg, Ric Sanders, Chris Leslie, and the superb percussionist, Gerry Conway. Fairport Convention are recipients of the coveted BBC Lifetime Achievement Award and their seminal album Liege & Lief was recently voted as the Best Folk Album of All Time. www.fairportconvention.com
14 All Saints Street Hastings TN34 3BJ 01424 425734 http://www.staghastings.co.uk/

Tuesday May 2, 20:30 Open folk Session

Mainly tunes, plus some chorus songs. Join in or listen.

Wednesday May 3, 20:30 Open bluegrass session

Join in or listen.

Thursday May 4, 20:30 Acapella sing around

Led by Rattlebag and Dale Smith, with guests Now And Then and Acappella Bellas. All welcome to join in or listen.

Saturday 6 May, 9 pm The Captain’s Beard

Yarrr! The Captain’s Beard be a company o’ travelin’ troubadors on a quest to bring the finest o’ sea shanties and forebitters to the ears of all who’ll listen. They play songs of the grog, grot and grime that comes o’ travelling the high seas. www.facebook.com/thecaptainsbeard/
64 George Street Hastings TN34 3EE (01424) 422016 http://yeoldepumphouse.com/

Sunday May 7, 17:00 Jamie Smart

An expressive and energetic singer-songwriter covering a range of styles. www.soundcloud.com/jamie-smart

Café Tours of Hanushka Coffee Houe, Aroma Coffee Lounge and Jerwood Gallery

Friday 5 May, 2-4:30 pm Glashin (flute/guitar/vocals)

at Hanushka Coffee House, Jerwood Gallery & Aroma Coffee Lounge, thirty minute performances with collection in aid of St Michael’s Hospice. See festival website or café tour flyer for detailed info.

Sunday 7 May, 2-4:30 pm Glashin (flute/guitar/vocals) and Rattlebag (vocal harmonies)

at Hanushka Coffee House, Jerwood Gallery, Aroma Coffee Lounge and Sham City (at The Clockwork Crow), thirty minute performances with collection in aid of St Michael’s Hospice. See festival website or café tour flyer for detailed info. www.glashin.co.uk